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If you’re planning a new kitchen for your Orpington home, it’s important to make sure the new design will deliver everything you need. After all, a new kitchen is a big investment, and it’s important to get it right first time. With a little careful planning and some expert advice, your new kitchen could help your family’s daily routine to run a little more smoothly. There are two main things to bear in mind when planning a new kitchen in your Orpington home:

1. Layout

The layout of your Orpington home’s kitchen is vital to making it a help rather than a hindrance to your daily life. Take some time to think about how you work in your kitchen and how much workspace you need. How do you like to move between the different appliances, and where do you want your food and tools to be stored? For many years, the ‘magic triangle’ was the buzzword in kitchen design, referring to the layout of the fridge, sink and cooker. It’s still a good principle to bear in mind and to think about how your intended Orpington kitchen layout will enable you to move easily back and forth between these high-use areas of your kitchen.

2. Style

It’s important that the design style of your Orpington kitchen compliments your taste and lifestyle. For some people, a clean, sleek modern design will be just right, while others will prefer a homely, country kitchen appearance. Whatever style you choose,you should also think about how others may view it, particularly if you’re likely to try to sell your Orpington house in the next couple of years. If this sounds like you, try to choose a style that won’t deter potential buyers.